Full-time Research Scholars

  • N. Sivaraja, Senior Research Fellow (BRNS)
  • M. Ravikumar, Project Assistant (SERB)
  • V. Ramasubbu, Project Assitant (SERB)
  • A. Kuberan, Project Assistant (DST)
  • P. Ramkumar, IRS Scholar
  • S. Manikandan, JRF (DST)
  • A. Sakunthala, Non-stipendiary Scholar

Research Scholars who have submitted their Ph.D. thesis

(as on 15.6.2018)
  • G. Sahaya Dennish Babu, IRS Scholar
  • S. Abarna, IRS Scholar
  • D.S. Christy, IRS Scholar

Scholars Granted Ph.D. degree by Anna University, Chennai

  • Dr. K. Karuppasamy (currently Assistant Professor (Research), Dongguk University, Seoul, S. Korea)
  • Dr. R. Antony (currently National Post-Doctoral Fellow (NPDF-DST) at Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai)
  • Dr. C. Vijil Vani
  • Dr. A. Nichelson
  • Dr. P.S. Suja Pon Mini
  • Dr. C. Ambika
  • Dr. T. Linda
  • Dr. C. Amuthambigai
  • Dr. S. Muthupoongodi
  • Dr. S. Alwin