Sample Testing Charges

Equipment Description
Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer (FT-IR) with ATR accessory. Wavenumber range 400 - 4000cm-1. Resolution - 4cm-1 (JASCO/Japan)
Presently Out of Order - Please do not send samples now
UV-Visible Spectrophotometer (with Integrating Sphere Attachment and thermostatic cell)- Resolution - 1nm - UV 2600 (Shimadzu/Japan)Rs.100/-
Impedance/Dielectric measurements (Temperature range ambient to 100 degrees C) - Zahner IM6 Electrochemical Workstation, Germany Rs.1000/-
Cyclic Voltametry/Linear Sweep Voltametry (ambient) - Zahner IM6 Electrochemical Workstation, Germany Rs.600/-
Photoreactor - 254, 312 and 365nm - Heber HML-Compact-SW-MW-LW888Rs.100/- per hour
Optical Microscope (phase-contrast and polarized light) - BX51M Olympus/JapanRs.100/-
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